At Art n' Vino. women (and men) who attend wine and painting nights are not there to learn how to be artists. Rather, each person gets a blank canvas, bring their own wine to help fuel their creative juices, and an instructor who is there to teach them how to paint a specific item. From images of wine pouring into glasses, to birds and bees, paintings can be done by even the most amateur of painters. At the end of the night, our guest go home with a painting and loads of fun memories.

Phil, in creating the art for the event, we don't call them classes, because they are more like parties, takes an effort to break down the subject so if you have never painted before, you will be successful doing an event at Art n' Vino. It's not required that you follow the artist, you can make your own abstract, paint squarers or circles or do an imitation of Picasso. The instructor is okay with it, after all, it's not a class, It's a party!