"We don't whant to brag, but it's not the time to be modest", Phil the Founder

What Makes Us Great!

We are the original paint and sip in Northeastern Pennsylvania, established March 12th, 2013.
We are not a franchise but solely owned and operated by an artist who has a lot of business background and understands that the people we hire are great at what they do and honored them with their own page in this website called
"About Us"

Our business model is different from any of our competitors, you will only realize this unless you visit them, then visit us, or vice-versa. That's how confident we are that your experience at Art n' Vino will be amazing.

We know this because we have been told this by our frequent guest who keep coming back and compliment us just as they do at our Facebook Page. As of this date January 6th, 2020, we have 11,911 likes and growing, plus a 4.9 out of 5 based on the opinion of 636 people who have visited us. Read our reviews on facebook and view all the parties we posted in our 5 plus years of business. Click below to visit us on Facebook.

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Our Guests Arrive with a Party in mind, not an art class. You may completely ignore the instructor and that's okay because its your party and your painting, so do what makes you happy.
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We celebrate Family, Friends and the…. Seasons
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Everyone has a good seat.
All 3 Studios have Vinotrons

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Vinotron Front- Artist Easel
Picasso Studio

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Vinotron at Back Wall
Picasso Studio

Review from our Art n' Vino Facebook

I came to do the Wizards Owl painting it was my first time there at Art n' `Vino and I can definitely say it was an amazing experience.The rooms are big so there is enough room to move around.

They provide wine glasses and separate tables in the front to put all your stuff so it's out of the way.
But my favorite part is that they have a camera on the instructors with TV's around the room so that there is no "bad seat" to sit in while trying to follow along.

Our artists Andrea & her assistant Sarah were amazing, upbeat, fun, patient and helped everyone a ton! Loved them both & plan to come back to do another event in the near future.-review by-
April Marie Elizabeth Hromiisin

Read more Reviews on Facebook

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We travel anywhere in Northeastern Pa within a 50 mile radius to bring our brand of party to your venue. Give us a call at 570-430-5045 12 noon to 7pm daily for your ideas on how you would like to book your party.
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Aprons, complementary Ice, real wine glasses, and cork screws for your convenience.
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Loyalty Punch Cards

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We appreciate our regular guest and encourage them to get their Art n' Vino Loyalty Card punched when they arrive.
6 punches and receive a free $36 dollar value toward your 7th visit with us.
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We appreciate our regular guest and encourage them to get their loyalty cards punched when they arrive.
6 punches on our Bob Ross Classes Loyalty Card and receive a free $48 dollar value toward your 7th visit with us.
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The Little Things.. Details and what to expect

The music, a great sound track that is not louder than the Instructor. We have an equalizer with a Bose Sound system. We are carpeted for acoustics and non-slip safety and comfort. Our studio is upscale, we have been told it represents more of a wine bar than an art studio, visit us and you can be the judge.

Our professional easels are cleaned after every event and almost look new, brushes are retired when showing age. Glass covered high top tables in the Picasso and Monet studios adds to the adult social interaction because everyone is at eye level whether sitting or standing. In our studio down under we have table seating for our kids events, Hammer and Stain, Bob Ross and also adult public and private paint and sip parties.

We have a passion to answer the phone, a dedicated receptionist from 12 noon to 6 pm up until our guest arrive
. At 6pm our focus turns to our arriving guest to greet and welcome.

We begin most of our events at 6:30 and ask our guest to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early, to settle in, uncork, before we begin the event.

We have super artist, funny with great personalities who will help you start and complete your painting. On events over 20 persons we schedule an artist assistant to serve you better. Upon your request or our suggestion and with your permission, we will touch your painting if you feel it needs it.

We offer light sketches on your canvas before you start or you may request a blank canvas. All guest may refrain from listening to the art instruction, paint what's in their mind, doodle with paint or attempt an abstract, we respectfully call them "free birds".

Be aware, your painting may become an heirloom cherished by future family, especially daughters and granddaughters and for the ages.
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Every cause is a good cause and we take our commitment to community seriously. We give 25% of proceeds go back to the fundraisers.
No deposit is required but we will expect guest to start signing up soon.

A minimum required of 16 persons.

A check will be presented before the event starts to the organizer.

Fundraisers are generally scheduled on Monday and Tuesdays. We welcome all calls if you would like to organize a fundraiser at 570-430-5045, 12 noon to 7pm daily.